Death Squared is an intricate puzzle game with a strong single player mode a multiplayer that makes the game shine. Players must control different blocks with the aim of moving them to the correct coloured circle. It’s a simple idea and the game does begin rather easy however, it quickly begins to escalate.

Gameplay in this puzzle game is straight-forward but there;s no initial instructions on how to play the game. As a result, players will be left confused and frustrated for several minutes while they attempt to understand the controls of the game. The co-op is especially confusing with two players as both players control two blocks and must work out how to control each one. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to get to grips with the gameplay despite the lack of instruction.

There’s a large number of levels to complete in the single player mode of Death Squared. However, it does a reach a point where it’s impossible to complete the game. The developers know about this and are currently working on a fix for the issue. So it shouldn’t be around too much longer and this bit of the review shouldn’t deter you if you’re reading several months after publishing.

While the single player is filled with great humor from two entertaining floating voices, the co-op is where the game truly shines. It supports up to four players where each player can control their own block. As a result, there’s lots of yelling and laughing. There’s also a good number of levels in the game for several players to explore providing a huge amount of content for players to get through.

Death Squared is an amazing little puzzle game and it’s a strong addition to the Nintendo Switch. It really suits the Joy-Con controllers and is the perfect LAN puzzle game for the device.



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