Summer is here and everyone can always use a few extra dollars to help plan for their summer and GameStop is here to help, whether that involves a new new gaming system or a few more beach blankets they’ve got you covered.

While GameStop always accepts trade-ins for many new or pre-owned items for cash or store credit (PowerUp Rewards Pro 10% extra in-store credit applies only when trading games and accessories) , they’ve recently listed some of the “big ticket” items including smartphones, tablets, and consoles.

GameStop Pre-Owned Merchandising Vice President John Tovar said:

Spring is a great time to make a profit off all your electronics and gaming hardware clutter so you can earn quick cash to spend toward summertime fun. Trading in electronics like iPhones and iPads, as well as gaming hardware can add up to Costa Rican or Vegas vacations, concert or amusement park tickets and even gas to go on a summer road trip. Whatever your vacation plans are, GameStop can help you fund your summertime fun. We’re not just talking pocket change. GameStop’s trade-in program pays top dollar for many items. For example, our average trade value across all iPhone versions is $126 and goes all the way up to nearly $400 for newer models.


Additionally,  until May 28, 2017, GameStop is also offering an additional 50% bonus in either cash or in-store credit for any pre-owned consumer electronics items customers trade in.

A full list of trade-in values for any and all consumer electronics, video game hardware and software can be found at the company’s trade-in webpage here.


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