Splatoon 2 was recently released by Nintendo and the game has been a critical hit for its amazing single player and strong multiplayer.

Firstly, the single player mode is incredibly strong. It builds from the single player in the first game however, it’s not a direct sequel and makes sense even without playing the last game. Players meet Marie, one of the former Splaoon hosting duo and the player is tasked with finding his kidnapped musical partner Callie. All the while rescusing the Zapfish to return power to Inkopolis. Levels are relatively short which are perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

While the single player is great to have, the multiplayer is the star of Splatoon 2. The main gamemode is Turf War, the casual mode where players must cover the floor with ink to gain ground for their team. Splatting opponents is still important but that’s not the focus of this or any of the other modes in the game.

Ranked has more gamemode options however and there is no ranked Turf War mode. The three other modes are: Splat Zones, Tower Control and Rainmaker. Each one comes with a unique objective that players need to complete to win the game and earn points. Thankfully, Nintendo provides instructions for each mode to help new players to get grips with what each mode demands.

There’s a new ‘horde’ style mode called Salmon Run also. This mode can only be accessed at certain times of the day/week which is frustrating considering the mode is so popular.

While Splatoon 2 is incredible, it does come with a number of downsides.
The inability to leave a lobby once you’ve joined Maps and modes roate every 2 hours so there’s no way to only play a certain mode No way to swap loadouts in the lobby or see what the rest of your team is using before the match starts Joining a friend can take up to 20 minutes as there’s no way to queue with a group of less than 4

Splatoon 2 is a solid game and there’s plenty of great elements in the game. It still feels just as fresh as the original and it’s great to see the return of character customization in the form of unique clothing. As a result, every character looks unique on the splatting field.



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