For Honor is a medieval ‘hack-and-slash’ game by Ubisoft which plays more like a fighting game. It feels more like a fighting game thanks to the unique combat system known as the “Art of Battle”.

This innovative combat system provides a realistic control method while allowing players to attack, block, parry, feint and dodge incoming attacks. Players must read their opponent carefully and react in accordance to their movements while also nipping in to attack when possible. It’s a very strategic system which works incredibly well in this game.

Players have a three slot stance which dictates where they’re attacking or blocking. There is no active block button so players must move their weapon into the incoming attack slot in order to block the attack. It takes getting used to but after a few matches, it begins to feel almost natural.

At time of launch there were 4 more gamemodes: Duel, Brawl, Elimination and Dominion. Each one offers a slightly different experience to the last. In Duels, two players face off in single combat while the Brawl mode pits a two player team against another two player team. While Elimination and Dominion are 4v4 mods with different objectives and gameplay styles. The developers are also adding more competitve modes to the game for solo combat and 4v4 battles. It’s a shame they weren’t included at launch but it’s good to see them finally be added to the game.

There’s a range of different Heroes in the game to select from, 12 of which were playable at launch. Since the game has been released, there have been two major expansions which have released several new characters to the game. However, this is where the game falls flat on its face.

One of the new characters, Centurion, is horribly broken and terrible to deal with. It’s not that players don’t know how to deal with him, it’s the fact that his moveset is broken. The Hero can spam moves and there’s nothing other players can do to deal with it. It’s even worse in the 4v4 mode when multiple enemies are playing as this Hero.

It’s such as shame that For Honor is currently having trouble with one of its Heroes. The game is genuinely very different to others in the genre and feels fresh as a result. To make matters worse, during an eSports tournament a player was able to win the league and the cash by using an exploit. Thankfully, this exploit has now been patched out of the game so this won’t happen again. It’s frustrating to see that For Honor is having trouble with these sorts of issues, especially as this is a Triple A game from Ubisoft. You would expect better from them.

Another issue with the game is the lack of new players in the middle of a new season. It results in unbalanced and one sided games against players who know the game much better. This is more of a minor issue with the game as it’s usually corrected around the time of a new Season since there’s a free weekend with a new influx of players.

For Honor is a great game. It feels very unique and has a lot to offer players who are willing to spend some time on the game and learn the mechanics of it. While the game is simple enough for anyone to play, the mechanics are deep enough to allow for a high skill level which is perfect for more competitive gamers.

Despite how strong the game is, it does have some issues right now with an unbalanced character which tends to ruin games and brings the whole game down a few notches. Once the developers fix the Hero, the game will certainly be worth playing again.



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