Meet Caroline, the Tattooed Traveler, who sold most of her possessions last year and has since been a nomad of the world. Unique to her travels is how she funds her journey. When she’s not actively exploring new places, you can find her set up with a mini art studio painting. The acrylic paintress works from each country creating & selling custom paintings online and also trades her art for accommodation and food when she plans to stay somewhere a while. So far, she’s traveled and painted across 13 countries including all of Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Israel, Jordan and now she sets foot in Morocco. Caroline shares highlights of her creative lifestyle on her instagram (@tattooedtraveler) and her travel blog ( Here are some pictures from her experience thus far!

Burning Man last summer. Although the dust made painting tricky, here’s a piece she finished at the burn! Sacred geometry inspires her work.

Roaming around The Lost City of Petra, she makes friends with a camel. Jordan was an amazing experience. She stayed in a bedouin camp while there and fell in love with the art styles and desert vibes.

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. This 211 km trek through the Himalayas takes you over the highest pass in the world of almost 18,000 ft. Hikers can stay in teahouses along the way so no need to camp or cook.

She uses her hand as her palette so its fitting she also tattooed one there.

Painting a big mandala canvas in Kathmandu, Nepal. Symmetrical pieces are a big favorite of hers to make.

One of the few paintings she made in Jerusalem, Israel titled “Earth Yogini”.

Walking through the desert lands to find Lake Powell in Arizona. My friend and I had it all to ourselves that day.

High spirits at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Caroline’s Israel road trip had to include a float in hypersaline water !


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