Witch Baby Soap must haves!

Fall can be a confusing time of pumpkin spice bombardment – everywhere you go the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon lingers on your skin. Fall can be a difficult time to pick out the smells of the season that actually smell like your favorite fall dishes and not like soap with industrial strength drain-o in it. One such company that makes pumpkiny goodness is Witch Baby Soap: I mean, where else can you get a body scrub scented like sweet corn? Candy apple bath bombs, dragon’s blood soap, Queen of the Damned bath potion that smells like black cherry, merlot, and amber, pumpkin spice bath bombs, the list is endless. This ghoul’s personal fall picks include:

Graveyard Soap: a rich and creamy soap that smells like a freshly cleaned home( Although their description describes the soap as the smell of a fresh satin coffin.)

Pumpkinhead Face Mask: A smooth powder that you mix with your own base (I enjoy mixing it with yogurt for a smoother and richer texture) A mixture of ilite clay and yummy pumpkin seasonings to give that perfect fall blend.

Queen of the Damned Bath Potion: A killer blend of merlot, amber, black cherry, coconut milk, epsom salt, and rose clay. The potion is filled with roses and other goodies to give a sultry feel to your bathing experience. A great way to get in touch with your inner vampire queen this season.

Oracle Bath Bomb: A bath bomb for the original witches- a mix of carnations and lilies lie in this bath bomb. This bath bomb is actually very large weighing in at 10+ ounces.

Cafeomancy Scrub: Want a truly sweet Halloween treat? This body scrub combines the smell of coffee, vanilla, pumpkin, and sweet maple for a truly delicious bathing experience.

So this season when the air gets cool and crisp and the leaves fall to the floor head over to Witch Baby Soap for some handmade fall treats. Trick or Treat yourself this season with this ghoul’s bath picks. Witch Baby Soap

Article written by Miss Mandy Motionless

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