Music, Art and Personal Expressions of People Living a “Tattoo’d Lifestyle”


PeggySue Melbourne, Australia 🐨🇦🇺 Enquiries: peggysue

Alfredo Meschi

​We live in a society that cause us sever episodes of amnesia.

Cara Lethco

I am a tattoo artist working at Forged Tattoo, located in Pigeon Forge

Arielle Joy

My name is Arielle Joy. I am a model and artist from Dallas, TX. I now live in the

Heidi Henckel

My name is Heidi Henckel and I have been modeling for 16 years

Chris Teah

Hey, I’m Chris Teah, 25 years old and i live in Bavaria, Germany. I started modeling

Sabrina Sawyers

Sabrina Sawyers Tattoo Apprentice / Shop Manager at @Tatouage_DFA

Ink & Pets

We know all of our tattooed family out there loves their pets! Here’s a

Farrah DeMorte

Hello! I’m Farrah DeMorte 😈 I’ve been modeling since 1999 starting out

Venomous Inkworks

My name is Shaun Fitzgerald and I have been operating my studio for 4 years.

Witch Baby Soap

Witch Baby Soap must haves! Fall can be a confusing time of pumpkin spice

Tattoos by Jorell

A California Native, I grew up in and love this place. But like any true love,

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