Music, Art and Personal Expressions of People Living a “Tattoo’d Lifestyle”

Arielle Joy

My name is Arielle Joy. I am a model and artist from Dallas, TX. I now live in the

Heidi Henckel

My name is Heidi Henckel and I have been modeling for 16 years

Chris Teah

Hey, I’m Chris Teah, 25 years old and i live in Bavaria, Germany. I started modeling

Sabrina Sawyers

Sabrina Sawyers Tattoo Apprentice / Shop Manager at @Tatouage_DFA

Ink & Pets

We know all of our tattooed family out there loves their pets! Here’s a

Farrah DeMorte

Hello! I’m Farrah DeMorte 😈 I’ve been modeling since 1999 starting out

Venomous Inkworks

My name is Shaun Fitzgerald and I have been operating my studio for 4 years.

Witch Baby Soap

Witch Baby Soap must haves! Fall can be a confusing time of pumpkin spice

Tattoos by Jorell

A California Native, I grew up in and love this place. But like any true love,

Simba Jay

Simba Jay, born in Minneapolis, MN always knew he was destined for greatness. With

Ake Tattoo Artist

THE BEST TATTOO FOR SURE Welcome to Best Sure Tattoo ,Thailand 3 branches tattooshop

Weird Beards FTW

Who doesn’t want to see an awesome/funny/fantastly weird beard? I do!!

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