A California Native, I grew up in and love this place.

But like any true love, sometimes you need a little time apart. My break from California came in the form of the last of the thirteen original colonies, Georgia! While in GA I was given the opportunity to travel and tattoo alongside the remarkable Tim Orth. During my time working with Tim, I developed the foundation on which my tattoos stand today.

After experiencing much of what the South had to offer, I returned to my beloved California. I found a home tattooing at The Honorable Society in West Hollywood. It was at THS where I was allowed to fully explore my creative potential and refine my portfolio while working alongside awesome artists.

Through my journeys I earned a reputation for doing brightly-colored, illustrative tattoos. In the process, I strived to listen to important details from my clients (you might say i have selective hearing) to successfully create a one-of-a-kind statement. I’m a very collaborative artist and encourage my clients to share their inspirations with me. Through discussion, ideas, and sometimes a battle, I can guarantee an amazing tattoo experience, but more importantly, a piece that will remain timeless.

This, I hope, is what helps each piece I create to be attention-grabbing and unique!

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