Sarah Giampapa is a woman of many hats. Not many people know that she is a mother of two, yoga instructor, piercer, gamer, and an avid cosplayer. Beneath her resting bitch face is actually a sweet and non-judgemental exterior. Over the last two years Sarah has branded herself well, meriting her sponsorship with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sullen Clothing, Black Flys Eyewear, H2Ocean Aftercare and many more. Although she is a bit new to modeling, Sarah has been jettisoned in to the ink industry and is flourishing. Her modeling abilities earned her a role on Norway’s biggest television show: “Alt for Norge”. In Norway, Sarah really connected with her Nordic heritage and it has shone in all her work since her return. Sassy yet sweet, this tiny warrior has trained for years at Judo, Jujitsu, and various Mixed Martial Arts styles. So much more meets the eye with this lass than you would expect from your run-of-the-mill model mindset. Inspired by all the places that her work has taken her to, she has many visions for her modeling as an art form. Not only are women like Sarah breaking down the stigmas attached to women with ink, she is paving the way for the new generations to break all the rules and only be governed by what fills them with passion. Sarah loves what she does, and she does it with such an optimism and flare that her images steal your gaze without you even realizing what has happened. Keep your eyes on this one, she’s aiming for the top!

All photos shot by Reverend Vegas!

Tattoo'd Lifestyle Magazine - Sarah Giampapa

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