Simba Jay, the young lion that is rapidly becoming the king of Streetwear Fashion.

Simba Jay, born in Minneapolis, MN always knew he was destined for greatness. With his impeccable style and love for art, he spent his life endulging in different artistic endeavors. From drawing for hours a day after school listening too Linkin’ Park on his disc-man to becoming a freelance tattoo artist, all his life he knew he had a calling. In 2011 he started attending the Art Institute where his love for photography deepened as well as his addiction to ink. At age 15 he got his first tattoo then it became his obsession to a point where the needle was hitting his skin as a weekly ritual, totaling him with over 100 tattoos. However, 100 is not enough for Simba as he will not be complete until his body is “completely covered”. After the Art Institute, he took his love for photography as well as his unique style and turned it into a lucrative business, having brands from all over the world hiring him to do his own photography modeling in their clothes. After modeling for over 50 streetwear brands his goal is to hit over 200 in the next year. In addition to his art, another thing that sets Simba apart is his joyful spirit and positivity that he shares with the world. If you would like to come and be apart and follow this incredible journey you can follow him on instagram @Simba_jay and on facebook!

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