Finnish tattoo artist, Sara Fabel, is creating killer blackwork tattoos at her tattoo shop down in Costa Mesa California at Outer Limits Tattoo. Sara has a diverse background in illustration, photography, tattooing, acting, and modeling. Her modeling career started in the early 2000’s and since then the industry has taken notice of her talent and skill. With her flourishing modeling career Sara decided to add to her illustration background and start tattooing in 2012. Now with countless magazine publications and covers – she works at Outer Limits Tattoo – creating blackwork tattoos in many impressive styles. Her line-work sets her apart from other artists in the field; experimenting with line widths and thicknesses which creates more life to her art. Each design has movement added to the composition – the work literally comes to life in a 3D way on a 2D canvas. Each design is full of the artists own interests such as symbolism of the occult and animals. Each design is mixed with rich symbolism and geometric elements placed in the mix with an organic subject. The combination of geometric and organic is a match made in heaven – truly setting Sara’s work apart from other artists in the field.

You can visit Sara here: SaraFabel

Article written by Miss Mandy Motionless









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