Tell us, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

Well, since I remember drawing and painting was my favourite things to do. So I’m very happy now it’s became my real life job. I love what I do. I’m very ambitious when it comes to my drawings – that drives me to do my best. I think I’m quite organised, which is really important here. Especially when you run your own business and work from home.

I try do draw at least one drawing per day. Firstly, because it’s my job, and of course I need money to pay my bills and stuff. Secondly, I try to draw everyday to train my skills and to improve them. I do see a difference between my drawings from let’s say 3 years ago and now. And it’s really motivating.

I’m also a kind of an introvert person – so I like the fact I can work at home. I have one room at my flat where I have my PC, my tablet. Walls are covered with my paintings, printed on canvas in wooden frames. Lots of plants – I love them around. I play some good music on YouTube, to listen while I draw. And my Yorkshire dog – Mary, sleeping near to me at my desk always while I work : )


How long have you been doing this now?  


As I mentioned before – art was always around me, thru my entire life. When I was in a junior high school – my uncle was an art teacher there. He told me I should go in that direction in life. Then I was not sure if I would be able to pass exams to the University of Art – I was a bit unsure of my skills, didn’t believe in myself. So after a year spent at different fields of study, I finally decided to try my luck. And I made it! Quite well, actually : )
At the University of Art I was more into traditional painting and graphic workshop like drypoint. And photography as well. But after graduating I bought a graphic tablet and started learning how make digital drawings. First it was texturing of 3D models for games. But one day I was asked by my friend to draw her portrait. And she really liked it. So I decided to focus more on that. And it’s been around 6 years now.


What inspired you to get into digital painting/drawing?


Generally I wanted to try something new, different than traditional art I’ve been connected to for my whole life. Also I remember I found some really nice digital portraits at Deviantart some years ago. So I took up a challenge to learn drawing like that. After a while, when my skills got quite good I decided to make a living based on it. I remember it was not an easy start. I sold most of my arts to the USA, at the beginning people in my country wanted my art, but for very low prices.. so well. But now it’s all getting better – I have more and more customers here, which makes me happy! Also, my work is getting more and more recognizable. I go to tattoo conventions a few times a year, with my art. And it’s really a great thing when people come to me saying “hi, I know you! I follow you on Instagram/Facebook, great work!”. It’s motivating.


As an artist, is your work limited to the human form or do you also paint, draw, other things as well?


Since I remember I liked drawing people. When we had painting or drawing classes at University – most of the group was unhappy to work with models, as it was much harder for them, than let’s say still life. And I was always super excited. But I do not always draw beautiful, sexy ladies (haha). I draw children, elderly people as well. And animals! Yes, need to start doing more of them.


Tell us a little about your current style?


Tattoos and nice, specific shine/lighting. Two things that define my art. Some people tell me they look little like GTA characters – which is a compliment I guess, because I really like the style of their illustrations.
One of my professors always told me not to use so much white on my art – since in real life is not that visible. But I like that look, and in my digital art I took it to a higher level, making it as my distinguishable thing.
And tattoos – 99% of my drawings present tattooed people. I use tattoos from artist that I know or really like their style. I also try to match styles of tattoos with the person I’m drawing. When I finish my art I always send it to the tattooist. Most of them are really happy, like the art! Customers as well, some of them even decided to get a tattoo after they’d seen themselves covered with ink!


Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?  


To be honest I think I have quite a wide variety of customers. Some of them are beautiful (often famous) ladies or their partners, who want to get an art for them as a gift. But also quite normal people, like you and me, order drawings from me. Sometimes I also make them in more caricature style if needed. But I prefer doing those realistic/semi-realistic works like you can see as examples of my work.
At the beginning I was also doing some sort of logotypes and stuff – but now I do drawings only.


What do you like to do when you’re not working on a painting/drawing?


I learn tattooing in my free time. Would like to be a tattooist one day. But it’s still more my hobby. I learn on fake skin or friends. My experience in arts is very helpful with tattooing. The hardest thing is to learn a new medium. Generally now I’m mostly focused on digital drawings, but have few friends who are tattoo artists, have their own tattoo studios and tell me that whenever I’ ready, their doors are open for me : ) So maybe one day – I will work as a tattooist, who knows.
Like I mentioned I’m rather an introvert person, have few close friends who I meet. But I like my home, playing with my dog, watching TV and listening to music.


You have a lot of paintings/drawings of people with tattoos.  Do you have any yourself? Tell us about them..

Yes, I do. I got my first one when I was 18 – it was a birthday present from my parents! I guess they thought it would be only that one (haha). Now I have around 6 tattoos from different tattooist (some realistic roses, cartoon octopus, etc). And now I’m doing both sleeves – still in progress. Neotraditonal style, done by Laura aka. Candy Ink – she has Ink.fluence tattoo studio here in Poland. She’s a great artist – really worth checking!


What’s your favourite drawing/painting, that you’ve done, and why?  


I like most of my works! It’s hard to pick one favourite. When I have a favourite one – then after a while I make a new one which I really like and then my fav changes. I have a few people I really like to draw – for example Kalinka Fox ( IG) – beautiful cosplay girl, or LaLunarelle (@luna___nocturna IG) an alternative model from Poland – also a true beauty.
I’ve done a few drawings of famous people – like for example: once I drew Nergal – a leader of a metal group named “Behemoth” – a Polish band, which is famous all over the world. He was very pleased of my art, so I sent it to him. Later he put it on a charity auction together with a few more fan arts. And mine gathered most interest and the highest price – so it was very motivating.


If you could have someone draw/paint your portrait, who would it be and why? 


I love the style of many artists! For example – Brian M. Viveros – he’s doing his characters with this typical  mysterious, seductive look. Or Mike Dargas – hyprerrealistic artist – his works of art look almost like photographs!
I really love a few IG digital artists, like: tatimoons or heymaryjean.
So it’s really hard to choose only one of them!


Finish this sentence: If I could rule the world for a day I would…  

I guess one day would not be enough to make a major change or difference. But I think I would like everyone to be treated well, no matter of their race, religion or gender. I would also like a good life for everyone – without hunger, abuse, wars, etc.
I think I would put more attention to climate changes and what people do to slow them down – we should do much more in that.


Top Three songs on your playlist?


Hmmm, lately? It would be Tender ”Design”, Tones and I ”Dance Monkey” and the classic one by Queen “Somebody to love”.


Tell us where to find you online and anything else you want us to know!

I’m most active on my Instagram – @ dominikadeart – I try to post daily there with my newest arts! You can also find me on Facebook – @ DominikaDeArt.
So if you wanna be updated on my arts or order a commission piece for yourself – go and follow me there!
Also if you’re a tattoo artist and wanna have your tattoos placed in some of my arts – feel free to contact me!