Tell us, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

Curious, impatient, hungry for experiences and impressions. Even one is enough 🙂

How long have you been doing this now?

I’ve been tattooing for about 8 years now but I grew up drawing and painting, it’s something I’ve loved doing and learning ever since I was a child

What inspired you to get into tattooing?

I spent a lot of time looking at Tattoos as an artist expession and I could see a disconnect. Technically the tattoos were good but artistically it didn’t satisfy my impression about a what a good tattoo should be (volume, expression, stylistique approach to the image and so on). So I just decided to try and see if I could do better.

As an artist, its your work limited to the human form or do you also paint, draw, etc as another form of expression?

I see a lot of connection between many activities and interests. I get easily bored and need to do something tp keep myself busy. As a result, I try lots of new outlets and as soon as I m good at something I prefer to get into something new, learn it slowly and sometimes still practice stuff that I feel already being easy going. So besides tattooing I have numerous hobbies. Painting, sculpting, learning languages, pole dancing, shibari art, gym, teaching, psychology, fashion design etc

What type of tattoo work do you like doing the most?

Realistic color works, portraits and nature

I’ve always seen tattooing as a way of painting. So just like in painting I prefer realistic works with a dramatic dark atmosphere representing the instincts of human beings that are so suppressed in a civilized world.

Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?

Hard to say, people are such complicated and deep creatures. They can see different things in what I am doing and react on that. It will be something about themselves more than something about me and that’s what art is for.

Do you think your modeling has had a positive impact on your tattooing career?

I don’t try to see myself as a set of activities that are influencing one another or not. I am myself, I am all of that. If not my « modeling » my tattoos wouldn’t even exist, because my sexuality that drives me into modeling is also creating my artistic view on the world and giving me energy to be consistent in learning for instance.

Photo by RudeArtist

What is the weirdest experience you’ve had either in your studio with a client, at a photoshoot etc?

I believe people treat you the way you deserve it mostly, they can feel what vibes you allow around.

So I ve never had any weird stories at the places where I didn’t want them to happen.
One time a photographer that I barely knew was trying to have something with me against my will, thankfully there was no drama and I could escape that room easily and very fast. Funny thing is that he was the most famous one that I be worked with. 100% of other photographs behaved totally respectful with me though.

But it’s life, if you get to see and experience the world you need to understand there might happen some issues and not only fun, but risks are worth it. I’m happy though I didn’t experience anything terrible.

What do you like to do when you’re not tattooing or modeling?

I try to be busy because I believe I have way too much energy. I’m training, meeting friends, always learning something new. Sometimes I just chill for a half of the day but it’s mostly boring for me.

What’s your favorite tattoo, that you’ve done, and why?

I don’t have any, I m looking forward to the next ones. I don’t see the point to overthink about works that are done or saying that one was better than another:) I see the skin type and try to choose the best reference I can and do the job in the best way I can 🙂 so my effort is everywhere equal.

If you could get tattooed by anyone, who would it be and why?

I am getting tattooed by the ones I would:)
I like many artists and different styles. Black work, realistic color, comics erotic.

Photographer Aleksey Lemishka

Finish this sentence: If I could rule the world for a day I would…

Not like it.

I’m a participant of life, trying to be in piece with what I have around. I don’t really like to think about being elsewhere rather than where I am 🙂

Concerning the world order I believe people should be taught psychology as a must to be more efficient in social interactions and also the leader of the planet shall be some group of people that are chosen by some test of intellect😃 So that we d have no borders and equal rights in every corner of the planet. May be less people though by some chaos that would accompany all this idea in the beginning :))

Top Three songs on your playlist?

Mumiy Troll, Pantera, Otep are bands that I often listen. But I like different music and it’s too hard to choose songs:)

Tell us where to find you online and anything else you want us to know!

My Instagrams are @val_tatboo, @wowmowgli and @valtatboo_teaching is a website. There’s also a group in Facebook and a page at OF.

Cover photo by Maik Tebeck