Tell us, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?
I’m an odd ball. I have a huge heart, and always want everyone to be happy doing what makes them happy. I like to think of myself as the do-er – nothing will stop me from hitting a goal. 

What inspired you to get into tattoo modeling? 
Since freshmen year of high school, these go go gadget legs sprung from my body. I’ve always had people complement me on my legs. When the first photographer reaches out to me in 2010 I was ecstatic. I feel so free when I’m modeling.
What type of photo shoots you like doing the most? 
Definitely planned and themed shoots. I love a shoot that has a background set, wardrobe that matches the set as well as a awesome team of directors, muas, & stylists. 


What is the weirdest experience you’ve had either at a photoshoot, convention etc?

Conventions have always been hard for me. I’m such a social butterfly but in large crowds I’ll make myself into the smallest one there and doge everyone. Every time I see someone is like to meet I jump behind a table and watch their feet walk by
Sex appeal is a big part of the industry, Brands look for you to attract the sexual or erotic interests of other people to help sales, build brand recognition etc.  When do you feel sexiest?
In new lingerie! My whole persona is based off of what I’m wearing underneath my clothes. If you see me gung-ho and taking the bulls by the horn, you best know there’s a 3 piece lingerie set under this with stockings and all. 
What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?
Help animals. I work at an animal hospital, everyday I learn something new and everyday brings me a new challenge to be on my toes. 

What’s your favorite tattoo and why?  


My black cat on my arm is currently my favorite. In 2015 I lost my smallest cat potato. He managed to get outside, survive for 3 WEEKS on a broken leg. He’s been such an inspiration to never let anything stop you.


If you could get tattooed by anyone, who would it be and why? 
I would definitely say @deadmeat & @krishtsttoo . When I first started getting tattooed I was drawn to neo traditional, the first near traditional artist I ever found was dead meat. The second neo traditional artist that I found once I moved out in Connecticut was kirshtattoo. I’m hoping for 2020 I can have her tattoo my neck! 
Finish this sentence: If I could rule the world for a day I would… 


make time stop. I feel like as humans we always say we never have enough time. 


So we know models have a lot of “fans” and receive a lot of attention, both online and in-person, some wanted and some definitely not. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?


If you were a transformer you’d be Optimus fine


Tell us where to find you online and anything else you want us to know!

Instagram @ohnoitslex

Twitter – @tattedgoddess

PHOTOGRAPHY BY  @sublimelightworks 

WARDROBE BY @westwardboundlatex 

HAIR/MAKEUP  @mollytoddmakeup