Use three words to describe your tattoos!
Colorful, fun and unfinished.

What is your favorite tattoo, why did you get it and who was the artist?

The mandala piece on my left calf. It’s so detailed , I love it! The artist goes by the name menso. You can find him on ig at mensoone . Check him out!

We know you love tattoos! What other types of art do you like to get into?

Makeup! I’ve been working in the industry for about 7 years now. I also like to paint and sketch! Been taking art classes every semester just to keep my hands busy, stay inspired.

You’re a makeup artist as well, do you think that being tattooed either helps or hinders getting your work out there?

Well, it’s a good conversation starter? I haven’t run into many issues where my tattoos have hindered many gigs. There was this one time when I wanted to work for a certain makeup company and they pretty much told me I didn’t fit their “look” and I didn’t fit the type of market they were going after. I used to love this brand and always used their products. After that big “fuck off” from the company, I stopped  giving them my money. So, I guess in that case , the tattoos got in the way a bit. But, OTHER THAN THAT, no problems.

What made you get in to tattoo modeling?
I never saw myself as a model, still don’t. I just had friends ask if they could take pictures of me, to practice or build a portfolio, I always said yes. Then next thing I knew, I was in my first magazine and I was like , “cool!! Maybe I am a model?!” Haha

Where do you see yourself in the future of tattoos?

Well, they aren’t going anywhere so, I’ll be older and tattooed. Ha.  I hope tattoos are accepted more in the future. I feel like they have become more accepted but, there are still people out there who despise the tattooed . I think we will be okay though, tattoos have become such a common thing.

If you could chose one artist to get inked by, who would it be and why!

Timmy B!! His work is amazing ! I mean, I can’t even describe how beautiful his work is.

What do you like to do for fun! Give us all the gory details!

Oh my gosh, I was just laughing with my friend because she was asking what I was doing tonight, it’s Friday and I responded, “staying at home in my pjs watching judge Judy.” I love judge Judy, call me what you will . But other than my Judy hobby, I love going to museums , Organizing my makeup . I know that sounds dumb but,  I do it daily, they are my children. I’m such a homebody, I really am. I’m sitting here trying to think of what I like to do. Let’s keep it real.

I used to like to go out but, now I’m all about sweatpants and Netflix oh and of course, judge Judy. Wow this made me sound really lame. Oh and I also make YouTube videos ! Mainly makeup tutorials or just videos of me rambling about beauty products. I’ve gotten into that this last year, it’s been a lot of fun.

Tell us anything you’d like our readers to know!

Well, now everyone knows I’m a loner at home every night ! Haha. I’m pretty simple, I like art, I appreciate any form of it, makeup, music, hair, painting, graffiti, tattoos! The list goes on, but I love it all! Keep doing what you love and never stop because of what others say. With a world full of Kardashians be a Judge Judy. Aka, be a badass bitch.

Photography By:

Tragic Glamour Photography

Original interview and Feature published in Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine Issue #18