Tell us, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

I guess I would say I’m best described by some of my personalities such as Kindness, my sense of adventure and fun, Spirituality and lastly Creativity.

What inspired you to get into tattoo modeling?

My desire to express myself creatively

With over 800,000 IG followers, how would you say your life has changed for the better and for the worse?

It gives you advantages and opportunities. At the same time it’s a pressure. I like to have my private life too.

You need to be consistent if you want to keep your engagement with your audience and sometimes you are just too busy with other things.

What type of photo shoots you like doing the most?

I really enjoy shooting outside. It’s always nice to be out in nature and capture the natural beauty of the world around me.

What is the weirdest experience you’ve had either at a photoshoot, convention etc?

I don’t know of a weird experience but I’ve had a few bad ones. One time I had a make up done from a make up artist in California, it was for an outdoor photoshoot and the make up literally ruined all the photos lol  Things like that are bound to happen and you just learn to roll with it.

Tell us about home life in Canada. We see you spend a lot of time between Montreal and Quebec. Is there a favorite place of yours when traveling?

I love Canada. I was in my home town alot in 2019. I was building 2 enterprises and was busy with other projects so I didn’t get to travel as much as I would have liked to but I plan to live and travel more, both home and abroad, in 2020.

Sex appeal is a big part of the industry, Brands look for you to attract the sexual or erotic interests of other people to help sales, build brand recognition etc. When do you feel the sexiest?

That’s an easy one. In my Pantera shirt and nothing else

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?

I do alot of diffrent things like Metal singing, going out an exploring nature and just trying to be an entrepreneur and build my brand.

What’s your favorite tattoo and why?

Definitely the Loyalty crown one. To me it means being loyal to yourself, friends, family, love. Everything.

It’s a lifestyle code. Loyalty, honor, respect, and kindness is how I choose to live my life.

If you could get tattooed by anyone, who would it be and why?

My friend Nikko in Cali

Finish this sentence: If I could rule the world for a day I would…

Omg please yes!

I would take down governments, resolve planet pollutions problems and change all the system to a better one. I would literally try my best to save the planet aha

So we know models have a lot of “fans” and receive a lot of attention, both online and in-person, some wanted and some definitely not. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Lol my god there’s so much dumb things I heard but the most annoying one for every girl with tattoos I think it’s when guys use our tattoos to come talk to is it hurting? How many tattoos you have lol what this one means? Haha Omg and sometimes they even start touching your tattoos this is crazy 😩😂

Top Three songs on your playlist?

Oh boy I don’t have a top 3 there’s way too many songs I like

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