Tell us, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

I am a person with a lot of sensitivities but I can get cruel when the situation needed.

How long have you been doing this now?

In young age I realized I could draw well, practicing in sketching and oil painting practically i loved all forms of art. Greece at that time wasn’t so into these things, then I started at the late 90’s tattooing with handmade machines for fun, at that time you couldn’t find very easily equipment to buy!

Officially i started with professional equipment 2006 working as a summer job in an island and 2008 open my own shop Crossover Tattoo.

What inspired you to get into tattooing?

From the age of 15 I liked to buy both of the first tattoo magazines,that ever been published at that time, admiring the Oriental style Japanese and Tibethian tattooing and the work you can get on your skin. The challenge to control myself and the idea that I’ll have it on my body forever excited me.

As an artist, its your work limited to the human form or do you also paint, draw, etc as another form of expression?

Sketching in black and grey tones, colored pencils, acrylic or oil painting on canvases is relaxing I love to do it when I have time. Digital drawing and photo manipulation is my new toy!

What type of tattoo work do you like doing the most?

Mostly I like color, black and grey realism and surrealism.

Tell us a little about your current style?

I work on realism more than any other style lately.

Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?

My work attracts serious clients that want to make big sessions 5-7 hours, so they need to trust the artist more than a small piece.

What is the weirdest experience you’ve had either in your studio with a client, at a convention etc?

In the shop with a woman tattooing in genital area. In convention tattooing full back piece two wings for a woman in 4 hours it was hard!

What do you like to do when you’re not tattooing?

Spending lots of hours at the shop doing all forms of art, when I am not there I like to have precious time with my wife and children. I love to cook some ‘gourmet plates’ for them!

What’s your favorite tattoo, that you’ve done, and why?

One of my favorite ones lately is the portrait of Tommy Flanagan I did,he’s acting in a very popular series,I got a very nice comment from him, it was flattering.

If you could get tattooed by anyone, who would it be and why?

It’s a difficult question because I admire many tattoo artists. I have a lot of Japanese tattoos on my body, always wanted to have a traditional tattoo ‘tebori’ from Horiyoshi III.

Finish this sentence: If I could rule the world for a day I would…

If I could rule the world for a day I would help all the poor people in this world but mostly the children. (common to say but always to the point)

Top Three songs on your playlist?

I hear many different styles of music, lately a lot of hip hop so…

Tell us where to find you online and anything else you want us to know!

Find me at my tattoo studio
Crossover Tattoo
Trion Navarchon 36, Patra Greece.
Also I do some guest in Germ