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Music, Art and Personal Expressions of People Living a “Tattoo’d Lifestyle”

Jane Dean

Jane Dean is a 24 year old tattooed model from Germany! You can reach her at [email protected]

White Ink: Yes or No?

White Ink: Yes or No? We know a lot of you love the newest trend of white ink and on the

Marco Schmidgunst

Join us in the world of Marco Schmidgunst and his unique tattoo style! You can find him

Trenndy Trisha

Trisha is a 25 year old tattoo shop manager. She has worked in the tattoo industry for 5 years out

Natalie Ann

Natalie Ann 💜Internationally Published Model💜Arizona Based💜 Addicted To Ink💜Hairdresser💜

Ivan Korky Koribanic

Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine – Ivan Korky Koribanic Tattoo Artist from Slovakia [email protected]

Inspiration DISNEY

We all know someone (or many someone’s) that adore DISNEY! We picked out a handful of our fav

Ricki MF Lynne

Ricki MF Lynne, Age 26, I am from Las Vegas NV living in SoCal, Ladies Of Metal, Music.Sushi

Chris Rigoni

Chris Rigoni Tattooer Perth. AUS. Tattooer at Holdfast Tattoo [email protected] for tat

Digital Doll Heidi Lavon

👻snapchat: heidilavon 🎥YouTube.com/Heidilavon ✍🏻collaborations: [email protected]

Digital Doll Vicky Aisha

Vicky Aisha Sponsored athlete 🏋🏼 Aerialist💪🏼Tool fanatic 🎶 Animal lover🐶🐱 zero drugs+alcohol 🍾ha

Karlee Jane

Meet Karlee Jane!! Live by Faith, Not by Sight• Influencer | Branding | Media Mngmt LIGHT & L💙

Sławomir Myśków

Feast your eyes on the incredible artwork of Sławomir Myśków!! You can find him in Poland slinging ink